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Ryan Atwood

A Place where Ryan Atwood Fans Come Together

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This is a community for fans of a certain actor called Benjamin McKenzie Schenkenn. aka: Benjamin McKenzie and/or Newport's Resident Bad Boy, Ryan Atwood.

If you're in love with Ben or Ryan, then you've come to the right place.
Feel free to post up anything about Ben or the character he plays, Ryan.

Other Rules:-

1- Pls don't ryt lyk dis cuz its nt cool + v nice 2 luk @. Thnx!

2- Be considerate to others. We all love Ben/Ryan, so no pushing or shoving or "Ben's Mine Hand's Off!" However, any bashing, rudeness or inexcusable behaviour (eg: threatening to kill another member) is forbidden and I will ban such behaviour.

3- You will not be banned for talking about other cast members of the show. Although, a topic entirely on Seth Cohen or Adam Brody is out of place. And I will delete such posts without notice. If linked to Ben or Ryan in anyway, it is allowed.

4- If you don't like The OC or Ben/Ryan then don't join out of spite.

5- I will not censor you in anyway, so feel free to comment on anything you like. This will be a very open community.

6- Advertising of your community is allowed but please post once.

7- If you choose to join, pls introduce yourself and include the answers to the following questions...

Fave Episode of The OC:
Fave character besides Ryan:

Why do you like Ryan/Ben?

Thank you.
Moderator: annemckenzie